Gas Line Install Examples

Here are a few case studies and examples of our underground gas line installation work in the field (sometimes quite literally in the field).

1) The Chicken Farm

We were tasked with running over 11,000 feet of gas line from one side of a concession in Hagersville to the other. The aim of the project was to connect a newly constructed chicken farm up with natural gas, and this was the shortest possible route.

At first, the yellow plex pipe (flexible gas pipe) is laid out, all 11,000 feet of it. Once the path is cleared, and the pipe is all dry fitted and tested for a proper connection, we’ll use our trencher to bury the pipe underground.

2) Pool Heater & Natural Gas Connection

A homeowner in Tillsonburg asked us to run a natural gas line from the meter all the way to their backyard where the pool heater is located.

We dug a trench to bury the gas line underground. As soon as it is covered and grass seed planted, the convenience and invisibility of the gas line will be immeasurable.

Heating your pool with natural gas is the most convenient way to provide a continuous flow of inexpensive fuel. Forget dealing with cold swims or inconvenient propane deliveries. Contact us to plan a natural gas connection to your pool heater.